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PostSubject: Events   Sat Mar 13, 2010 12:34 am

This is a description of all the possible events, if you want to suggest an event put it in the suggest section in forums Each event is given by a certain number of rounds, do not ask for more. The host of the event will provide any additional rules if needed. They have a choice to make one up on the spot. Here is a word of advice try not to kill the Gm if its not Kill the Gm Event. If you do decide to kill them or break the rules the Gm may cancel the event or a round will be wasted. No rounds may be made up.
Name Rules

Last Man Standing (LMS) Stay alive for as long as you can, the last person alive gets a point. You may run around, hide, and do what ever you want as long as you do not hack, or glitch.

Hide and seek (HnS) You have a certain amount of time(depending what the Gm/Admin gives you) to hide. Once you hide and the time is up you may not move. If you are caught and you move you will be kicked from the event and you will lose all your event points from that event if given. Last one found gets a point

Kill the Gm Event (KG) Kill the Gm in the event. If the person that is hosting the event decides to kill he or she may do so. If you kill the Gm you get a point. You may use any weapon. You cannot hack or you will be banned... You have been warned.

Dodge the Rockets (DR) In this event the Gm will tell the players to go to a certain area in a map(Skill Map 2 and Cyber Sports is a recommended map.) and can not go out, If you go out of the area you will be kicked. Avoid the rockets coming at you, the last one alive gets the point. Additional rules can be made by the event host.

Four Corners This Event Must Be In Cyber Sports. there are 4 boxes players must choose a box quickly while the event host shoots himself/herself into the air with the rocket. The host will say a corner (1,2,3,4). The host will say which corner is what number. If your corner is called do not run away or be kicked allow the host to kill you. The last person to be alive will get a point.

Gm Says... Players must follow the host's instructions. When ever the Gm says something with ~ at the beginning the players must do what the Gm said. For example: ~Taunt, ~Walk, ~Dash. When the Gm does not put ~ in front of what they say and the player does it you will die. All actions must be done within 5 seconds. If you do the action in more than 5 seconds you will be dead... Last player standing will get the point.

Sparta Event (SE) Players must kill each other. You may use what ever items depending on host. If you use the wrong items, or extra items that were not aloud you will be kicked. The last one standing may yell *For Sparta* if they are bored. Additional rules can be said by host.

LMAO Event Players must line up on a line. The player in the front of the line must laugh then the next and so on... Players laugh in a certain order. It can be a circle line a square , what ever it doesn't matter, but host must choose. You must laugh within 3 seconds of your turn. If you don't laugh you will be dead.

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PostSubject: Re: Events   Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:20 am

Siman says
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