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 Rules and Regulations!

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:40 am

Ingame Rules (GunZ: The Duel)

1. Hacking.

Like on every other server, hacking is NOT allowed. Offenders will receive a permanent IP ban.
This rule includes: hacktools, dll injectors, N-step and so on.

2. Swapping.

Modestly swapping is NOT allowed.

3. Spamming/flooding the chat

Flooding the chat is not allowed. If you're caught doing so you will be muted by a Game Master. You may post an appeal on the forum, or just wait until a GM removes the mute.

4. Events

An event-team member will explain everything. Once the game is started, you will follow the rules!

5. Colored names

Having a colored name is only possible if you bought it or won it. If you have a colored name without having payed for it or won it, you're character will be deleted and you will receive a permanent IP ban.

6. Advertising

If you advertise a gunz site, you will be permanently IP banned.
If you advertise a general site, you will be infracted.

7.insulting staff
punishment decided by the insulted staff

Possible punishments are:

2.Permanent IP ban.
3.Server kick.
4.Account removal.
5.Character removal.
6.XP decrease.

Thanks in advance for abiding by our rules.

The ComedyGunz team.
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Rules and Regulations!
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